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About Us

S.S footwear Industries

The ambition to provide trendy footwear with the best quality is the core foundation of our organization. Operating from Gujarat, S.S footwear is a leading footwear manufacturing company providing a wide range of shoes across India. 
Our accomplishment of reaching masses in urban as well as rural areas with our products is a result of the sheer dedication of bright minds behind our designing, management, marketing, and production teams. We are determined to become the best in the footwear industry. Therefore, implementing the latest technologies, strategies, and trends is our primary focus behind all the business activity. 
We try to make sure that our mission of providing the most comfortable, sustainable, and affordable footwear doesn't prevent us from taking care of the environment and rapid market changes. Our research and development team works meticulously to understand and improve consumer behavior, material quality, waste management, and impacting factors on the environment.
A firm commitment to serving the market with utmost top quality within an affordable range has enabled us to design and upgrade our collections smartly and promptly according to the demand. Some of our most loved collections such as ‘Joota’ and ‘Sleepy’ has won thousands of hearts with their chic look and relaxed feel.
Each crafted shoe by S.S footwear is designed to last the longest of the time for the owner’s feet to experience extreme care and support gifted by our experts.

How We are different?

The Fabric or Materials used in all our footwear are
Clean, Comfortable, Lightweight, and Flexible.